There are a lot of great Mac apps out there that can help you boost your productivity and improve your Apple experience. These are my absolute favorite ones, that I think every macOS user should be using!

All of the apps you will find in this collection here are part of Setapp, which is a paid service that gives you access to a bunch of useful apps for Mac & iOS users. You can also buy most of these apps as standalone versions, but some offer additional cloud services like CleanShot X for example that almost costs as much as the Setapp subscription. (I signed up for Setapp just because of CleanShot X by the way!)

So, if you will be using multiple apps, Setapp will be absolutely worth it for you. On top of that, they’re constantly adding new apps, which is really exciting!

Click here to download Setapp and try all the apps below and many more (230+) for 7 days completely free.*

Swish – Window Management

If you made the swish from Windows to macOS (see what I did there? ;)), you’ll love this one for sure. Swish is one of those apps that is so intuitive it is kinda crazy that it’s not a part of macOS itself already. Swish allows you to organize your windows with touch gestures or keyboard shortcuts quickly and efficiently.

CleanShot X – Capture Your Screen

Capturing your Mac’s screen was never easier. CleanShot X offers you everything you need to take screenshots and screen recordings of your Mac.

Bartender – Hide Menu Bar Icons

If you want to hide your Mac menu bar icons, Bartender is exactly what you’re looking for.

TripMode – Control Network Data Usage

TripMode allows you to easily control your Mac’s data usage on slow or expensive networks. Wasting money on limited data plans? Never again.

SpeedCut – Remove Backgrounds Instantly

Cutting out objects or people from a background can be a tedious process. Good thing there’s SpeedCut, which does it for you automatically.

Sip – Better Color Picker

Pick colors, save them in a palette and move a dock around your screen to access everything as quickly as possible, that’s Sip.

iStats Menus – System Monitor (Temperature, Power Usage & More)

If you’re looking for a simple app to give you insights on your internal components like temps, power usage & load, iStats Menus will be perfect for you.

This list of applications is not final yet and I am still exploring more apps on Setapp. So far, these are the ones that I am using daily and can recommend the most.

Click here to download Setapp and try all the apps above and many more (230+) for 7 days completely free.*

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