About me

Allow me to introduce myself and articulate the mission statement guiding this website.

Valentin Kossenko - Penang Malaysia - Beach Boy

Hi, I’m Valentin

I was born in Kazakhstan on the 2nd of February, 1995. Two years later my family made the decision to emigrate to Germany. I grew up with two native languages, Russian and German. English was my 3rd language and I’m glad I had the opportunity to learn it in school so that I can now talk to an audience all across the world.

Life Changing Decision

My life really just started back in 2017, when I graduated and became my own boss. I decided to travel around Southeast Asia and work remotely for clients all around the world, which has truly opened up the world to me.

Living The Dream

Now that I have enough financial freedom to do the things, I feel truly passionate about, I can focus on what ignites the fire in my soul. Getting there was definitely not easy, but as you can see, not impossible either.

Let Me Help You

I have tried quite many things in the past. I was a singer, songwriter & cover musician for a while. I even played in a band, but then decided that IT and software development could be more interesting. I was even studying economy at some point, which again was something totally different. But one thing happened over and over again. It got boring. Absolutely everything got boring except for one thing: Learning, growing and teaching new things. This is my passion. And that’s what I’m here for! To teach you, so that you can create a life you truly love and deserve.